Experience Where it Counts!

Our Mill and the company itself, was built based on 28 years of experience. We focus on the value added processing of lumber to achieve the best value for our finished lumber products. So you can rest assured you’re getting quality products every time.

Services We Offer

Custom Cut Timbers

Our timbers are cut out of Vancouver Island Douglas Fir and  Western Red Cedar Logs, purchased from Certified Logging Companies. We have two Log break down Machines to cut our clients desired products. Because of the structural properties of Douglas fir, you are able to use it on Timber frame structures as well as finishing materials such as flooring and mouldings.

Lumber Manufacturing

With our optimizing production Line , we can further break down lumber to different sizes, lengths as well as species of lumber. If our Clients have squared Lumber that needs further process, they can have the Lumber trucked in to our facility and we will further process it for them. The Charge would be on a per thousand board foot basis depending on how it needs to be processed.

Live Edge Lumber

With one of our Log break down machines we are able to produce a Live edge slab product that leaves the natural contour on one or both edges of the slab. With the Natural beauty of Douglas Fir and western red Cedar, it has become popular with regard to Tables, fire place mantels and even kitchen counter tops.


The first cuts to the log produces Fire wood cants that are stacked and banded for easy bucking to lengths for client.  We also have kiln dried SPF random length Wood ends that are filling into 12.5 yard bin for delivery.

Saw dust and grinding are used for Horse farms, Dairy farms, organic farms and orchards.  This saw dust and grindings are then filled into 18 and 25 yard bins for delivery.

Please Note that delivery of the above Bi-Products in the Cobble Hill area is free. Outside Cobble Hill, shipping charges will apply.